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Methfix® & Pressfix® Transfers

Methfix® & Pressfix® Transfers

Methfix® & Pressfix® Transfers

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Wed 24 May 2017


The HMRS is proud to offer this high quality range of railway transfers in both 4mm & 7mm scales. The Methfix and Pressfix transfers has long been the first choice of the discerning modeller. The full range of British Rail, Pre-Grouping and Pre-Nationalisation transfers for locomotives, carriages and wagons, in 4mm and 7mm scales complements its historical livery portfolio.

It should be noted that to give acceptable download times the images of individual transfers are not of high resolution. The small illustrations below, against a steel ruler with 0.5mm divisions, should indicate the quality of the monochrome and multi-colour printing.

close-up of a transfer
close-up of a transfer

An example from the range.

image of a transfer
MR / SDJR / LTSR / M&GN loco and coach insignia

Methfix® and Pressfix® are Registered Trademarks of the HMRS.