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Company Stewards

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Company Stewards

Company Stewards

Company Stewards

A page from the web site of the Historical Model Railway Society.
Wed 24 May 2017


The Historical Model Railway Society has many knowledgeable members who operate as a clearing house for specialist information. We call these members Company Stewards even though some roles are based on a subject, for example signalling, rather than on a particular company. One of the main roles of a Company Steward is to form a strong liaison between the HMRS and other specialist railway societies and individuals for both the conservation and dissemination of information. Members seeking specific or detailed information will often make the relevant company steward their first port of call.

The Company Stewards are able to answer detailed questions, for example relating to such topics as livery, train formations, etc. They should not however be expected to answer very general queries of the type that could be answered by reading readily available published works. In the event of not being able to answer a query directly, the Company Steward will endeavour to point an enquirer toward another source of information. Many of our stewards are involved in complementary societies that specialise in a particular railway interest.

Although the enquiry system started as a post based service to members only, almost all of the Stewards may now be contacted by email through our web site.

To view a list of Stewards, or to search for a particular one, you may use the form below.
You should note that the "role" of the steward may not be expressed in the way that you would and that the search system can only match the title as written. To you, "MRCC", "MR&CC", "M.R.C.C." and "Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company" may mean the same but to our computer program they would be four different roles.

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Any general questions on the Stewards system should be addressed to the page owner shown below.