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A page from the web site of the Historical Model Railway Society.
Wed 24 May 2017



A Serials Collection Catalgoue is available (in PDF format) that gives a good idea of the very wide range of Journals etc that may be consulted in the library: information is included on how to obtain copies of articles. The catalogue file was last updated on 4 Jan 2014 .

An index to articles published in the Railway Magazine between 1897 and 1914 has been made by one of our members and may be consulted on-line.


Library books are available for Society members to borrow by post. To request a book write, telephone or e-mail the Librarian giving the following information:

Borrowers are expected to cover the Society’s expense in dispatching the book. Books must be returned within 28 days, postage paid.

Books are catalogued into several sections.

You may search within the library catalogue using the form below. Please note that the more you fill in, the more restrictive is the search: also the comparisons are exact, thus searching for author "Dow, G. " would not find books where the author is recorded as "Dow, G". You cannot enter more than 50 characters int the author, title or publisher boxes.


NB: do not include spaces or other separators, so just 10 or 13 characters.
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