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Wed 24 May 2017



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21927 - London & North Eastern Railway Co
Third Class Brake - Gusset Plates Etc

Over many years the Society has gathered together over 120,000 drawings in its collection. It is the custodian of the extensive Metro-Cammell drawing collection as well as smaller collections from various other sources including Derby Museum, Bob Essery, Jack Slinn, Ray Chorley, Derek Brown. A list of the collections is available.

Until 2004 only 5000 drawings had been catalogued and made available to the public. Since 2004 a small team of volunteers has been progressing with the identifying and cataloguing of the remaining drawings, as this information becomes available it will be released on to this website. The information can also be made available on CD-ROM in Microsoft Excel format or listings on paper. Prices, including UK p&p, are £10 for a CD-ROM or £20 for a printed list. For Overseas P&P please contact the Drawings Manager / Officer.

It has been found that there is a wide variation of information available on each drawing, as much of this information as possible has been captured but it is hoped in time that the information will be reviewed by people with appropriate knowledge of the subject covered by the drawings and any corrections or additional information will be added.

The information from the drawings has been entered into the database with as much accuracy as possible but it is inevitable that errors will have crept in. However we believe that having this database available now, rather than waiting until it is near perfect, will be of benefit to researchers. If anybody finds or suspects an error then if they contact the Drawing Manager he will arrange to have the error corrected.

As the Metro Cammell collection comprises of drawings for vehicles built for Companies in the United Kingdom as well as for many overseas Companies two separate listings have been created to help with searching. To search the web database you have two search pages, one will look for items not specifically marked as "overseas" whilst the other searches for items for outside the British Isles. Within the databases there are certain criteria that can be used to help with searching, this data has been inputted with as much consistency as possible.

Where an image of a drawing may be viewed on the web site, copies of the drawing may be supplied at actual size or the sizes noted on the order form. Please consult the drawings officer for advice on the possibilities for copying other items.

The drawing collection is stored at the Museum & Study Centre, those drawings that have been catalogued are available for viewing and copies of the majority of these drawings can be produced at the MSC. This facility has been made available by the kind donation of a print machine by Bombardier Transportation in Derby and help by Standing Stone Drawing Office Supplies Ltd to bring the machine into working order and providing consumables.


There are currently 32488 entries in the on-line catalogue, and of these, there are illustrations of 8649.