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Books Order Form

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Books Order Form

Books Order Form

Books Order Form

A page from the web site of the Historical Model Railway Society.
Tue 23 May 2017


Please print out this page, complete it and post it to the address at the bottom.

Orders can only be accepted on this form, no telephone orders please.

title full price price for
HMRS members
qty. rqd.       total      
A Register of West Coast Joint Stock £4.00 £4.00   :
Addendum & Corrigenda for Register of West Coast Joint Stock £1.50 £1.00   :
Addendum to HMRS Livery Register No 3. LSWR & Southern £1.00 £1.00   :
British Railways Brakevans & Ballast Ploughs £4.00 £4.00   :
British Railways Mark 1 Coaches - Supplement £4.00 £4.00   :
Great Western Way (second edition) £22.00 £15.00   :
HMRS Livery Register no. 3 LSWR and Southern £2.00 £2.00   :
Locomotives of the Hull & Barnsley Railway £3.00 £3.00   :
MERRY-GO-ROUND on the Rails £25.00 £18.00   :
Oil On The Rails £6.00 £6.00   :
Private Owner Wagons from the Ince Waggon & Ironworks Co. £7.00 £7.00   :
Rabbits & Runners £7.00 £7.00   :
Southern Style Part One - London & South Western Railway £27.50 £18.50   :
Southern Style Part Two - London, Brighton and South Coast Railway £28.00 £18.75   :
Still Nodding, A History of the Class 142 £6.00 £4.00   :
The Reconstruction of Euston Station - HMRS Occasional Paper No. 1 £3.00 £3.00   :
Traffic by Rail - HMRS Occasional Paper No. 2 £10.00 £7.00   :
William Bradshaw : Leicester Railway Cameraman, 1909-1923 £3.00 £3.00   :

total goods


postage and packing

For MERRY-GO-ROUND on the Rails £6, for Great Western Way £8, for Traffic by Rail £2 for single copies of other titles £3 each.
Orders for multiple copies of the same title will be charged at cost.
At cost, please request quotation.






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Thank you for your order. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.
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Please post your order to:

    HMRS Publications
    HMRS Museum & Study Centre,
    Midland Railway Centre,
    Butterley Railway Station,
    DE5 3QZ