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Electronic Area Group

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Electronic Area Group

Electronic Area Group

Electronic Area Group

A page from the web site of the Historical Model Railway Society.
Wed 24 May 2017


organiser: Ivor Lewis

normal venue: Yahoo! Groups, ,


This mailing list is exclusively for fully paid up HMRS members. It is not intended to compete with other established lists, but to provide a way for HMRS members to send general messages to one another. See below for details of how to join this group which gives you direct contact with some very knowledgeable people. The facilities provided by Yahoo! Groups are sigificantly more extensive than those provided by simple e-mail lists.
It should be noted that all views expressed on this list are the personal views of the individual contributors and do not necessarily represent the Society's policy nor the views of the Executive Committee or the webmaster. Official announcements by Officers will be indicated by reference to the Officer's position.

If you aren't yet an HMRS Member, then here is yet another incentive to join us.


Forthcoming Events

No programme details currently available.

How to get there

Attention. This is not an open list, it is for members of the HMRS only!
Please read this section carefully before you join!

Signing Up
Send a blank email from your preferred email address to:- hmrs-members-subscribe@Yahoogroups.com

  1. To prevent unauthorised use, eGroups will almost instantly send you an email.
  2. Within the message there will be a very specific Web address which will look something like: http://groups.yahoo.com/i?i=-h2EuVlFn8huibgaLISHerXlBpw&e=youremail address%2Ecom You will need to visit this Web address and follow the on screen instructions. You will also be given the option of replying by email.
  3. As soon as your application has been approved by the ListMaster, you will receive confirmation by email. If your identity is not obvious from your email address you may receive an email from the listmaster asking for your name and membership number.
  4. On your next visit to the EAG home page, (the Web address is shown in all List emails) you will see that there are several features available to you once you have registered with Yahoogroups.

Already Registered with Yahoogroups

  1. Enter your Email user name and Password in the appropriate boxes. Then click on [Sign In]
New with Yahoogroups
  1. The opening screen will say welcome Guest.
  2. Click on the Register link on the right hand side and follow the instructions by entering a user name and password in the appropriate boxes.
  3. Then click on [Sign In]
Once you are a Member
When you are approved as a member, a number of facilities will be available for you.

You may like to explore the [Database] feature and add your entry into either or both, as applicable. If you print these out, please have due regard for the information contained there and treat it with care. We don't want to have to withdraw them through misuse.
If you are new to the use of email, you will find a help file in the "vault" that will guide you on how to format your emails for universal reading, how and when to respond, and an explanation of all the other facilities we have in Yahoogroups. It will also explain things like how to manipulate the list if you go away on holiday, so your mailbox doesn't end up full on your return.

All the information given on the HMRS Yahoogroups site is for the exclusive use of fully paid-up HMRS members. Only HMRS members can gain access to it, and only after they join the list.