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Contact Us

A page from the web site of the Historical Model Railway Society.
Wed 24 May 2017


You may email many of the Society officers from here.

(Contact details for the Company Stewards may be found elsewhere on the relevant pages of the web site.)

Not all officers can be contacted by email: if there is an "email" button by the person's name, you may click on it to go to a form which can be used to send an email to the Officer. Society members can find full contact details in their Members' Directory (updates are published from time to time in the Newsletter).

Please use the address at the bottom of the page if you need to write to us by conventional mail.

Executive Committee

Chairman vacant 
Deputy Chairman I.A. Lewis
2nd Deputy Chairman P. S. Garratt
Secretary M. Garratt
Treasurer vacant
EC Member 1 A. Jacques
EC Member 2 R. McCoy
EC Member 3 J. Hancock
EC Member 4 A. Straw
EC Member 5 P.A. Godfrey
EC Member 6 I. White
EC Member 7 A. Muir
EC Member 8 S. A. Leleux


Membership Secretary R. Hulme
Renewals Secretary R. Hulme
Computer Data Manager P.A. Godfrey
Gift Aid Manager P.A. Godfrey
Direct Debit Officer P.A. Godfrey


Journal Editor A. Muir
Points Editor J.L. David
Sales Manager - Members A. Straw
Webmaster A. J. Nummelin
Publications Co-ordinator J.L. David

Documentary and Other Services

Study Centre Manager B. Wilson
Study Centre Sales Manager A. Straw
Archivist P. H. Swift
Librarian T. N. Pullan
Academic Liaison Officer K. Harcourt
Education Officer K. Harcourt
Publicity and Marketing Manager P.A. Godfrey
Drawings Service Manager M.J.H. Bradley
Drawing Archivist P. S. Garratt
Photographic Sales Manager J. Hancock
Photograph Collections Manager R. McCoy
Transfers Sales Manager B.A. Webb
Internet Trading H. Straw

Area Organisers

Bletchley A.C. Manktelow
Bristol G.A. Nichols
Essex J. Shaw
London A. Jones
Sussex T.C. Cole
Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire J. Farrell
Electronic I.A. Lewis

Exhibition Managers

Co-ordinator A.C. Manktelow
Exhibition Manager: South West P.E. Townsend 
Exhibition Manager: Midlands A.C. Manktelow

Our Privacy Policy

We uphold the right of anyone to not have their email address or other private information published here. We may, at our discretion, relay visitor emails up to this site, unless you specifically tell us not to. We will normally tell you of our intention to publish an email as a matter of courtesy. Otherwise your email address is not used by us for any other purpose.

Postal address

HMRS Museum & Study Centre, Midland Railway Centre, Butterley Railway Station, RIPLEY, DE5 3QZ
This is the formal address of the Society, but it should be noted that mail is not delivered to the Centre itself and is only collected infrequently. Email should be used in preference.


01773 745 959 (only answered when the Musuem & Study Centre is open.)